Golden Rules to follow when buying a property with water damage or mold.

Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or a savvy real estate investor, this article has been prepared with you in mind.  Use these guidelines, and you can rest assured that the home or office you are purchasing comes with a safe and healthy indoor environment.

• Rule 1- Have the property inspected.

Carefully review the inspection report and ask questions.  Research the company that provided the home inspection and find out about the services they offer.  The majority home inspectors are not mold/water damage professionals and will often miss not so obvious signs of damage.

• Rule 2- Review the estimates.

Have the environment restored to a “Condition 1” before purchase.  Additionally, require the contracted service provider to be an I.I.C.R.C certified A.M.R.T-applied microbial remediation technician.

Most sellers will agree to agree to receiving three estimates, but are also likely to choose the lowest bid.  To prevent this, review the estimates yourself.  A proper remediation project scope will be prepared using Xactimate software, and written per I.I.C.R.C standards.

• Rule 3- Get it tested.

As a final condition, have the remediation effort tested, do not simply accept an invoice for services rendered.  According to I.I.C.R.C ANSI S520, testing will be conducted while containment is still intact and after air filtration has ceased for at least 12-24 hours.  Air samples in addition to swab or lift samples should be collected from remediation zones.

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