Air quality and breathing habits are the most vital aspects of our health and wellness. However, the air we breathe in our homes, offices, restaurants and other public indoor spaces is 6x-8x deficient on average; imagine how this effects the health of your mind and body. The Indoor Environment and Air Quality Professionals of Mold Metrix are not only top and leading industry scientists, but are also Holistic Health and Wellness Experts, who deeply understand these effects and provide scientific solutions.

Generally, the effects of poor indoor air quality are not in the conscience forefront of most people in America; although 1 in 6 individuals live with some kind of respiratory health issue which effects them consciously, poor indoor air quality effects us all energetically, emotionally, mentally and beyond. To balance the effects of poor indoor air quality affects, Mold Metrix combines indoor environment science with the art of holistic health.



Air is the physical element connecting all human life; although the air is physical, it is also energetic and carries more in it that what is ordinarily realized.  Oxygen is the bodies #1 source of fuel, but due to poor indoor air quality, our body has to work on average 6x-8x harder than designed to take in its primary fuel source.  An air cleansing is the perfect solution to re-energizing to air of your home or office. Mold Metrix air cleansing treatments are designed to neutralize and eliminate air born contaminants such as fowl and musty odors, mold,                                        mildew, seasonal allergens, cold, flu germs and more.