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Mold Remediation Quality Assurance:

Health concerns are a major factor in mold remediation projects.  Air quality control and containment are the primary tactics of preventing cross contamination during mold removal.  The air quality control effort is measure by the amount of air space and the mold contamination condition.

Air flow manipulation and air scrubbing is a major part of mold remediation quality assurance.  Dehumidification and odor control measures are also closely related and used often.

Mold remediation containment is broken down into 3 basic types

  • Local Containment, appropriate for projects with less than 10 square feet of mold removal needed.

  • Partial Containment, based on risk of cross contamination.

  • Full Scale Containment, includes a decontamination chamber and is used based on severity of contamination.

Mold Metrix Service guarantee:

Metrix services professionals are trained, experience and certified in the mold remediation industry.  We have systematic standards for operating procedures and quality assurances.  Contact Metrix within 30 days from the date of service if you are not completely satisfied and we will return to make our best effort to satisfactorily resolve any issue.  Metrix must be permitted to inspect and remedy your concerns.  Pre-existing conditions are not included in this guarantee.  This guarantee is null and void by any unauthorized work performed by non-Metrix agents.  Optional six month follow up inspection included.

Mold Removal Price Match guarantee:

Mold Metrix pricing is based on fair rates set by industry standards, uniform with Xactimate billing.  Mold Metrix Guarantees to Match or Beat any written estimate prepared by competitor written per IICRC standards, using industry required Xactimate software.

What this means is that Mold Metrix does not set pricing, mold remediation pricing is controlled by industry rates.  In other words, the “mold removal industry” is governed by the IICRC.  The insurance industry officially recognizes the IICRC Standards of Care.  Xactimate is the software used by most insurance adjusters and agents.

The need for mold removal and remediation services is always connected to a water related issue.  Mold growth in your home is classified as “secondary water damages”.  As the majority of water damage restoration is paid for by insurance, mold remediation costs are sub-categories of water damage costs.

Mold Sampling Clearance Testing:

Indoor air quality is the number health consideration for a mold removal project.  Many times the HVAC system is included in the remediation recommendations to be decontaminated.  The standard NADCA recommendation for mold remediation includes the installation of a UV light system. At Metrix Restoration, we understand the importance of a good peace of mind, which is why we offer post remediation clearance testing.

Lab Analysis

As always, samples are sent to an independent laboratory for analysis.  It is a standard mold testing practice to request 24 hour turn around time on samples submitted.  Lab results are received via email from the lab and the analysis is add to the mold report.  Metrix Quality Assurance agrees to meet standards set by IICRC S520 mold remediation standards.

Certificate of Completion

In some cases a certificate of completion is requested for mold remediation projects.  This is a simple instrument used to declare that a mold remediation project was successfully completed and cleared via lab analysis. 

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