Is Mold Removal covered by insurance?

Mold removal may be covered by your homeowner’s insurance.  Most water damage and flood damage policies cover category 3 claims, which include mold removal.  You can also add mold remediation coverage to your homeowner’s policy.  See Article.

Unless you have a mold removal policy, If you report that you have mold to your insurance provider, they are likely to tell you that “your policy doesn’t cover mold”.  What this statement really means is that your insurance policy doesn’t cover mold remediation due to long term lack of maintenance.

The idea of long-term lack of maintenance is categorized as any water damage or secondary damages caused by a water loss which is not sudden or accidental.  Mold growth and contamination is always the result of water damage.  Insurance adjusters and mold removal companies refer to mold growth as “secondary damages”.

Mold growth caused by slow drips or prior water damage not reported or covered by policy are not likely to be covered by standard home owner’s policies.  Many insurance companies provide additional coverage for mold removal for up to ten-thousand dollars for affordable rates.  Having the additional coverage is a great security.

Another way to understand when mold removal is covered by insurance is the idea of “sudden or accidental”.  This includes accidents such as busted pipes, busted water heaters, sump pump failures in flooded basements and numerous others.  For example, the water heater busted in your laundry room.  The storage closet was affected, but the drywall was already moldy.  The closet would be covered in your claim because mold removal was needed in the closet in order to dry the laundry and closet.

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