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Prince William County, Virginia

Schedule your free mold estimate and water damage consultation today.  Evening and weekend time slots are available, but are limited and get reserved fast.  We accept most home owners insurance and prepare all of the necessary remediation files for your insurance adjuster so you don’t have to.  Free post remediation sampling, analysis, and six month follow up inspection are available with service warranty. Be sure to include your project in the Mold Metrix health study to receive an additional 10% off equipment usage line items.

By scheduling any service, including estimates, the homeowner explicitly agrees to the following terms and conditions:

Metrix Restoration, here by contracted to the client, agrees to perform all work in a thoroughly professional manner using up to code equipment while adhering to industry Restoration and Remediation standards.  Your Metrix service professional will make every reasonable effort to follow all established operating procedures for quality assurance.  Certain defects in structures and appliances, as well as conditions caused by wear or aging, are sometimes not apparent until work has started.  The Metrix service professional will inform the client in such occasion but cannot be responsible for any damage resulting from existing conditions which are not clear or apparent.

Client agrees to secure all valuables, move any fragile objects, remove small children, any elderly, sick, or otherwise infirmed as Metrix cannot be held liable for any loss or damages to the clients’ property.  Additionally, Metrix is to be held harmless with indemnity for the effects of any dormant contamination.

By contracting Metrix to perform the services outlined by the project service estimate, the client acknowledges that they have read, understand and agree to comply with all conditions contained within Metrix service agreement.  Client agrees that, within the scope of these conditions, neither Metrix or the authorized service professional, shall be liable for any damages or personal injuries which may occur during contract execution.  Client waives and releases Metrix and authorized service professionals from all liability and claims.  Any service balance is due in full immediately upon completion of project unless otherwise negotiated and documented by authorized representative.

Client Notification, Instructions and Authorization

By contracting with Mold Metrix, the client acknowledges that they have been made aware of the following and agree to such terms and conditions.

Effect of Abnormal Water: Water indoors is an abnormal condition and can cause or contribute to many problems.  Property damage and health implications increase the longer materials remain wet.  The client understands that several actions can be taken to reduce mold growth and damage to affected areas.  Water can be removed as quickly and as thoroughly as possible.  Antimicrobial agents can be applied to inhibit the growth of mold and other bio-contaminants.  Rapid air movement can be introduced into areas and cavities to increase the rate of evaporation.  The relative humidity indoors can be reduced and then maintained between 30% and 50% RH if possible.

  1. Water migrates into areas not originally affected. Water spreads laterally into adjoining rooms, penetrates materials below and wicks up into porous materials above.  It is best to evaluate all affected areas, not just areas with visible saturation.
  2. Saturated materials begin swelling as they absorb moisture. In many situations, drying and restoration will restore them and in others, the damage may be permanent.  Rapid drying will help to reduce the chance of permanent damage.
  3. As water evaporates it causes an abnormal humidity condition.

High humidity can damage some porous materials if allowed to continue.  Humidity damage is most common when the indoor humidity exceeds 60% over time.  It is best to reduce the indoor humidity quickly to help prevent humidity exchange.

  1. After water intrusion, mold and bacterial spores germinate and multiply. Given acceptable growth conditions, one organism can multiply to more than one billion organisms in less than 24 hours.  Microorganisms can cause mold damage and degrade indoor air quality.  Some microorganisms produce antigens and allergens which cause allergies while others can cause infections and disease.
  2. Client has been informed that hardwood floors and other contents may not be salvageable even if structural drying measures are contracted.
  3. Customer understands that dwellings and structures built prior to 1985 are at risk for containing asbestos and lead based paint; testing may be required before restoration can begin.
  4. Mold agrees to complete all projects in a safe, professional and timely manner. Client accepts contingencies for project delay which may not be listed in this service agreement, including, but not limited to “Acts of God”.
  5. Any pictures, video or other media created by Metrix professionals for the purpose, but not limited to project documentation, study or advertisement are agreed to be the property of Metrix and may be shared at the discretion of Metrix.
  6. Customer agrees that Metrix shall be held harmless with indemnity for cross contamination on any project where pre-remediation testing is waved.


Authorization:  The client does authorize Metrix and other personnel authorized by Metrix to enter the service location, furnish materials, supply all equipment and labor necessary to preserve and protect the service property from further damage and to perform all restoration and refinishing procedures necessary to repair and restore the carpet, furniture, structure and other furnishings.

Prices:  I understand that restoration and remediation services can be difficult to provide accurate upfront estimates.  Therefore, the client understands that complying with such a request is impractical.  The client has been advised of estimated project completion ranges as recognized by the inspector.

Stop Work- Hold Harmless:  If Metrix is not allowed to perform its recommended procedures and or should equipment be adjusted without authorization; the client agrees to hold Metrix and its authorized agents harmless with indemnity against any claims or actions that may result from such incomplete procedures.  Should client cancel work at any point before project has been completed, client agrees to be responsible for all billable fees to up such point and that payment shall be due immediately.

Authorize Antimicrobial Agents:  The client approves of the use of antimicrobial agents at the adjudication of project manager, all wet materials should be treated with a commercial antimicrobial agent to inhibit the growth of microorganisms.

Should antimicrobial agents not be allowed for use on this project, the client shall hold Mold Metrix and its agents harmless for any biological odors or growth, indoor air quality degradation and any other health concerns or damage that may occur due to microbiological activity during and or after service.

Client acknowledges that it is beyond the expertise of Mold Metrix to determine if someone may be sensitive to its application and will hold Mold Metrix and its authorized agents harmless for their use.

Equipment: The client understands specialized equipment can and will be used by Metrix and its agents and agrees not to interrupt it use in any way.  Damages to equipment caused by customer interruption shall be billed to customer for immediate reimbursement.  Should equipment become unrecoverable upon scheduled pickup date due to customer unavailability for any reason, customer agrees to pay additional line item cost per day, per piece of equipment plus a $135 trip fee.                                Metrix management reserves all rights to waive incurred fees caused by proven medical emergency or other state of emergency recognized by Mold Metrix.

Safety: Metrix and its agents agree to perform to all industry safety standards and the Client agrees not to act in any way that would make the work environment unsafe.  Customer agrees to inform Metrix of any lead or asbestos contents known to be present.  Any structure constructed prior to 1985 shall be treated as if such materials are present if professional testing results conducted by a qualified contractor can not be produced by the customer.  In some cases, a remediation protocol may be adjusted or canceled until such testing has been conducted.

Other Costs: As Owner/Agent of the property, and as the one authorized to request this service, I understand that by accepting an estimate and or scheduling an inspection for any abatement/remediation service, a minimum service fee of $299 plus any applicable tax or surcharge becomes due upon arrival, unless this fee is offered as waved.  Fee shall be due for any customer “no show” for scheduled appointment, or after a Metrix agent has waited 30 minutes or more for customer arrival.  It is fully understood and agreed that the client is responsible for all costs, charges, deductible or depreciation not covered by insurance.  Should balance recoverable by Metrix become overdue and collection efforts become necessary, customer agrees to become responsible for fees related to collection effort; including, but not limited to employing collections agency, legal fees and court costs.

Mold Metrix Guarantee

Mold Metrix service professionals are trained, experienced and certified in the Restoration and Remediation industry.  We have systematic standards for operating procedures and quality assurance.  Contact Metrix within 30 days from the date of service if you are not completely satisfied and we will return to make our best effort to satisfactorily resolve the issue.  Metrix must be permitted to inspect and remedy your concerns.  Pre-existing conditions are not covered by this guarantee.  This guarantee is null and void by any work performed other than by Metrix agents.  Mold Metrix agrees to offer a no cost, 6-month follow up inspection on all warranty services for customers who accept this option.